Sasuke “if he** isnt around(/here/there)…You* have to be protected by me(/I have no choice but to, I guess.”

THIS TRANSLATED STATEMENT from sasuke’s card box THOUGH. I must absolutely assume this as something sasuhina-ish. Loool just kidding *takes off shipping goggles*


Oh look, another fan frustated at hinata’s design not being released yet and resorting to designing her own :p

Honestly the only end I really want for Hinata is her becoming the kickass leader of her clan and showing that you can be strong yet gentle at the same time >


there is a very small, fangirl part of me that wants Hinata’s sketch to reveal that she’s with Sasuke. Even though that would never happen… I want it to.

Idk, maybe he has to marry her or smthn to prove loyalty to konoha LET ME DREAM


cue hinata making fun of sasuke’s hat because sasuke is not fashionable at allllllll (i’m warming up to his design though!!) neither is hinata so team fashion nah bruh still stands.

if sasuke’s head thing in the naruto the last movie isn’t a hat then this whole thing is extremely embarrassing and even if it is a hat it’s still embarrassing because wtf is this-

they don’t even look older they look like they’re still in their genin days orz….how do you draw oshieteeeee;;;

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